Letter of Light


Light from a Dark Night- my true story

Book Cover, 'Light from a Dark Night' by Anne Grove. The Wishing Shelf finalist 2017 award sticker. The picture of a lighthouse after a storm. Light breaking through the storm clouds.

Light from a Dark Night is the story of our adoption experience in China. While there we were quarantined and needed a miracle from God to get us out of the country and home on time. I stood strong in faith and never let go of God. In fact I pressed Him to show me just how close we really were because I KNEW I was with HIM but needed to know HE was with ME! And so I received much more than a miracle! I was taken up to Heaven by God and had an amazing experience participating in what would eventually become our miracle.

If you are not going through an adoption or travelling out of the country- don’t worry! This book is still for you if you would like to see into the Heavenly Sphere and if you desire to become a person who persists by faith and see your dreams become a reality.

You can click on the link below for the print and Kindle copies.

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