Spring. Spring. Where have you been?

          “Hiding underneath a blanket of white.”

Hide no more. The time has come!

          “Let me see.  Let me peek up from beneath.

          No! Not yet.  I’m cozy and warm.”

Since when has frozen been cozy and warm?

Nonsense!  Don’t delay.  Man is shivering; cold and in icy slumber.

Bring forth his prayer for new life.

          “Woven in the fabric of my being: I am Hope and will come as called.  

          Will Light draw near and hold my hand?”

Yes!  I’ll hold out my hand and roll out the canopy of Grace; for life awaits

and there can be no delay.

          “Now, I’ve blushed with joy.  Suddenly feeling restrained. No longer cozy and warm.

          I will not be captive underneath after all.  I want to be Fresh.  Breezy. Bright.

          And, with all my Might; I want to birth- New Life.”