“Be a Peaceful Cloud” Life Lessons from Bob Ross is a great way to invest in yourself. This book is half art and half encouragement. There is plenty to enjoy for artists and fans of Bob’s work and television show. The book is full of color pictures of his paintings. For many whom have not watched Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting” TV show there is much to digest from his artwork to his peaceful way of looking at life. This is a book full of inspiring quotes which make us feel good about ourselves. A great gift idea for anyone.

Life Lessons from Bob Ross Be A Peaceful Cloud

3 Reasons Why You Should Read “Be A Peaceful Cloud” by Bob Ross


Bob Ross’s PBS television show “The Joy of Painting” ran from 1983 to 1994. During each show he produced a painting in 22 minutes. I have watched many of the shows and felt I recognized one painting in the book from an episode I’d seen. The other paintings highlighted in the book are definitely easy to recognize as Bob Ross style.

However, I was completely thrown off by a few of the paintings. In all my life and viewership of the show, I’d never seen Bob paint an ocean or water picture which did not include mountains! He was very gifted artistically and I loved seeing a different side of Bob than what I was expecting.


“Things that just happen are sometimes more beautiful than things you really sit and plan.”

What I found myself most enjoying from this book was the wisdom for my life from Bob’s perspective. I felt like I could enjoy life’s curveballs if I just thought of them as “happy little accidents”.

“Let’s wash the old brush- here’s the fun part. Shake off the excess and just beat the devil out of it.”

I remember Bob saying that almost every episode. He got the biggest grin and enjoyment out of beating that old brush. We should just shake off the excess junk from the world and beat the devil out of it. We’d all feel a lot better than carrying it around.


Isn’t it amazing the relevance Bob Ross has in the world today? There are many TV personalities who have passed away which no one remembers. Thanks should be given to those who have kept his life and artistry alive so the masses can still benefit from his inspiring life and art.

What’s not to like about “Be A Peaceful Cloud” by Bob Ross?


I found myself wishing for more! But in the end, it’s better to long for more than have too much of anything.

Why did I give “Be a Peaceful Cloud” Life Lessons from Bob Ross 5 Stars?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My biggest takeaway for you to read “Be a Peaceful Cloud” is this: You will feel good about yourself! You will feel good about yourself, your view of life, your art, your mistakes, your future- everything. Not too many books can boast of that!

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"Every book, old or new deserves a chance to be seen."
“Every book, old or new deserves a chance to be seen.”

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