The Letters begins with a married couple coping with the death of their son who seek healing independently from each other in opposite ends of the country. Distance separates them but through a series of letters they begin to release their pain and connect with the spark which ignited their love so many years ago.

Book review: The Letters by Luanne Rice

Three Reasons Why You Should Read The Letters

1. Unique Style

It’s not very often you find an entire book written in the form of letters. But this is just what the Author’s have chosen to do. If you are a writer, you might find my post, “Start writing your book now with this simple tip” interesting. However, if you are a pure reader then read on!

In the book, Sam and Hadley’s marriage is over and both are grieving the loss of their only child. Each one has chosen a different way to spend their time while waiting for the finalization of their divorce. Sam goes to Alaska for an adventure and Hadley snuggles in to a cottage off the coast of Maine. Everything we learn about the characters is revealed through writing each other back and forth.

The book kicks off with a few letters from Sam. I suppose since we are introduced to him and his story first we come to like him better than Hadley who comes across as being a bit of a jerk in her first few letters. But gradually what each person reveals about their spouse and own self becomes the catalyst which makes us root for them as a couple.

2. Characters

What would a good romance be without believable characters? Through their letter writing we believe in the reasons why such a tragedy would tear them apart. We long to know who is at fault and what was their breaking point. We can feel the Authors leading toward an inevitable reunion until…

3. The Plot Twist

I loved reading the letters between Sam and Hadley. The back and forth was like the ebb and flow of the tide which almost lulled me to sleep. Suddenly about three fourths of the way in a plot twist came out of nowhere and changed everything. Hadley’s character acted out of character and this made for a very interesting ending to the book.

What’s not to like about The Letters?

Overall this book was a light, easy read. What you may not like is the personal nature of the letters themselves. For some, the back and forth may seem a little too real or personal. Instead of reader you might feel like intruder into something which is private. But if you can keep your mind focused on Sam and Hadley being fictional you will be okay.

I also found some of the letters a little too wordy. On some occasions I found myself skimming and skipping what was not interesting or furthering the plot.

Why did I give The Letters 4 Stars?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book is well written, has a believable plot, and an interesting plot twist. The cover art is attractive and the title is catchy. If contemporary romance is a genre you enjoy, I recommend reading this book.

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"Every book, old or new deserves a chance to be seen."
“Every book, old or new deserves a chance to be seen.”

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