“I don’t need strategy. I need the strategic.”

I came across this note which I’d written to myself two years ago. Also written on this note were other excited scribbles which made absolutely no sense to me now. But since I was obviously thrilled at this revelation when I wrote it; I decided to keep the note and try to piece together its meaning.

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First, I became interested in the difference between ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic’.

STRATEGY: is the art of planning to achieve a goal

STRATEGIC: is being calculating in the actions you take to effectively achieve a goal

How many of us take the time to plan and develop a strategy for what we want? That’s the stuff for big corporations right? No! It’s the stuff for everyday people like you and me too. Planning is good and can focus our mind towards achieving a goal. Planning also alerts us to areas where we might need help from others. But coming up with a brilliant strategy is not always the answer because we then need to switch from thinking strategy to being strategic!

What I mean is this: after the strategy is in place we then need to act and act in a calculating way. We need to order our steps in such a way that each step moves us closer to our goal. Each step needs thought out; each step needs to be full of purpose.

If you find yourself going in circles, take a moment to look at your process. Where has progress stopped? In the PLANNING OF YOUR GOAL or TAKING CALCULATED ACTIONS to achieve the goal? Once you’ve narrowed that down, you can start moving again- in the direction of SUCCESS.

All the BEST! Anne

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