How many of us think we can’t pursue our dream because we just don’t know how to do it. I heard something recently from motivational speaker Bob Proctor and I hope it changes your mind about success and failure. He said,

It’s your story. It’s yours to tell. If you knew this- you would do it today”

Bob Proctor

I’ve often viewed my life as if someone else were telling the story. But, looking at life this way is kind of like sleep walking. I’m taken out of the drivers seat and become more of a spectator to watch the movie of my life rather than participate to the point of being the leader of it. Now, I know for some people this would be a relief. Some don’t want to take the lead but, why not? I think a big reason is: Fear of Failure.

Fear of failure keeps many people from writing their own story. We fear what we don’t know. We see others fail at doing what we would like to do. We perceive our own failure more than our own success. In the end we can either learn from failure or die from it. We can learn from our failures and let it motivate us toward the next level of success or we let it kill the dreams inside.

There are several ways we can look at failure whether it’s in our own life or someone else.

  • A person might fail because what they are doing was not meant to be their area of success. Sometimes we choose to do things based on the success we see others attain and assume our own pursuit of it will guarantee the same results.
  • We might judge another person or ourselves as a failure prematurely. What might look like failure is really not failure when you look at it from the perspective of the process. There are processes to possessing something or achieving a goal and if we judge ourselves or others before the right time we can assume failure. But, we could be anywhere on the timeline of success or maybe right in the middle of taking a risk.
  • And we need to always remember that huge fails lead to huge climbs. Or conversely, huge climbs can lead to huge fails. But, there are many stories of those who committed to the process, lost it all, and fought their way back to the top.
  • You cannot fail at being you. You might fail at being someone else but you cannot fail at being you. You are completely unique. You can achieve success in any area but your process may be different than someone else. You can use others success or failure as a guide but you can never work another’s process step by step and expect the exact same results. Don’t trust anyone’s plan 1-2-3 system as gospel for your life.

If we can make a mind shift away from fear based narrative into the one Bob suggests we can change our outcome. Instead of fear let’s look at things with surety of our success. Think of your dream and see the surety of you achieving it.

See if you know it’s your story and only you can tell it then you might as well tell it yourself- your way. If you realized today the outcome of a dream you had many years ago- wouldn’t you wish you’d got working on it years ago? Think how much farther you’d be today if yesterday you’d known of your success. That’s the mindset you need today. Be sure you will succeed and use everything you have today to make it a reality. And instead of winding up here where you thought you’d be -wouldn’t it be great to wind up there to the place far above where you imagined your life?

If you knew today the success you’d have from writing that book, from getting that degree, from taking a leap in any area of your life- you would get started on it right away!

May your life be filled with many blessings!

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