This past year I took up the hobby of coloring. I never thought about coloring to relax or to gain a sense of peace. But this is just what coloring has done for me. I’ve read all sorts of discussion as to why this is so and even found “art therapy” to be a viable source of alternative healing for some.

Last week while coloring a Butterfly Mandala for my latest YouTube video, I found myself putting forth a theory on why coloring Mandalas is such a therapeutic act. It was a good theory based on the repetitive patterns used in Mandalas. Yet, a few more minutes into the broadcast I feel the real reason came forth.

Color Along and Talk: Artistic Tips and Life Stories

I hope you’ll take the time to watch the broadcast. But, if not I don’t want you to leave disappointed. I think coloring Mandalas brings us peace because there is such balance to every one we color. There is balance from one side to the other in form and with shapes. As we lose ourselves in the artistry, coming up with ways to use color to balance the drawing and make it pleasing to the eye, I believe our brain is freed up to work on balancing past or current situations in our life. Thus bringing us a feeling of peace and well being.

I hope you’ll give coloring a try. It’s not about being an artist, or creating perfect art. It’s about doing something which helps make our life better in some way.

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