On the Wedding Day
The day of Glory
The Lord Jesus will look upon you.
No longer will be any spot;
no imperfection, no impure thoughts or deeds, unholiness, darkness.
He will look at you and see how perfect you’ve become by the POWER
You took Jesus at his word and used it in your life. Now look at you. A
blushing bride. Blushing from the All Knowing, All Seeing gaze of your
The Groom who has waited patiently, been faithful when we were not.
Who loved us when we didn’t love him.
He wants to see your beauty and calls: “Come out of the shadows!
Come out from the bars of protection! Who are you- my love, that I
may see your full beauty in the Light?
I no longer want you in the shadows. I no longer want you to hide. I
AM your shield and protection. Now I AM your King. And not only that
but I AM your husband.
I AM your One and Only. Your first and your last. No one will ever
compare to Me. Try if you will but I AM confident in this.
I’m outside your life most of the time. I can’t see you all the time. You
are hiding. Afraid to show yourself completely. Why? Why do you hide
your beauty from Me?
You are beautiful. Did you not know? Did you not know how I love to
look at you? My eyes are not turned away as you suppose. No- my
love- my eyes are always turned towards you. My eyes are EVER UPON
Open the door to Me. Open up to a new world. A new world full of
potential. For you are being led by THE KING to HIS KINGDOM.
I have not sent an underling but I have come MYSELF.
I have come for you Myself. I wanted you. I cried for you. I desire you.
I found you. I designed you. I died for you.
Now I AM here. I’m gazing at your beauty. Not beauty as you know.
But beauty I know.
The beauty of blood, sweat and of tears.
The beauty of blood- to open old wounds for me to heal. The prickled
blood from walking through thorns to become a pure rose. The
outworking of your soul, and picking up your cross to follow Me.
The beauty of sweat- having to pull weeds out of your soul. The hard work,
the toil, the pain of letting go of yourself. Letting go of hurts, offenses,
pride- all of it.
The beauty of tears- tears of pain, sorrow and joy. Tears of feeling
you’d never accomplish or make it through the process. Tears of being
touched so deeply by Me. Tears of longing. Tears which flowed from
the holiest emotions.
See, I know it all. I know it all. Pain, suffering, mockery, evil pretense,
fake, phony and stony hearts. I know them all. And this is how I knew
you- once. But that was then. And even then, I loved you. Is that so
hard for you to believe? I loved you- when you didn’t know Me?
I longed to gather you to Me. To bring you back into the fold. But you
were not ready. I stayed patient. Intent on My Prize. Intent with
desire. I was not leaving without you- my future Bride.
So now I’ve come. I’m here. And you are Mine. You’ve made yourself
beautiful. Ready.
Yet you hide from Me. You peek out and peer out from behind the
You know I’m here. You can see Me. You know my interest for my gaze
is intent. I’m looking. My interest is high. I can wait no longer. I must
see your full beauty. Beauty which is not fragmented or obstructed.
Come out! Come out! Come out!
Don’t make me wait much longer. Meet Me. Let Me hold you.
Let me see you in the Light of My Son! His Light is upon you. It
overshadows you. You are gleaming and reflecting and refracting light.
Take My hand. Let us marry and mingle as One. My passion is deeper
and greater than any other. No man or woman has fire burning more
deeply than mine.
I have never thrown you aside.
I have never sought you for gain.
I AM that I AM. And I seek your love so we may be together as one.
I AM your shield. Your Comfort. Your Time and your Wonder. I lead
you in perfect ways. I’m leading you to HOME, to Love, to infinite
Worry? Worry has no place. I will never harm you. For you are a
tender reed. Soft. Quiet. Gentle. Helpless. I have riches and might
and a storehouse. I have a treasury and pure linen. I’ll clothe you in
love, in light, in beauty beyond your imagination.
Diamonds? Diamonds are like the stones of your path. Nothing has
been spared for you are the one I love.
Unlock your door to Me. Trust. How much more can I do? Yet I will do
more- more than you could ever ask because it’s Time.
The Time has come. Our time. Our time has come. To walk together.
To be as one. To sit together on thrones of light.
Our Time has come: Bride and Groom to rule together as One. My land
is now your land too. It’s ours together. To make what we will.
To see together through each other’s eyes. To impart our love and give
it to others.
I cannot let My Bride, My Queen, My Shining Lover hide behind selfimposed
bars any longer!
What if others don’t see the beauty as I do? What if? What if they
THEY DON’T MATTER! Their opinion doesn’t matter because they
cannot see you like I do. So don’t look back on your past. Don’t look
around at your enemies.
The only gaze worthy of your attention is MINE because I HAVE EYES
THAT SEE. And I love what I see.
But wait. You want me to wait while your prepare yourself? I say you
have. You have prepared yourself.
Your beauty exceeds. It excels. I’m ready. I stand here. Ready to
escort my Beloved. To show you off. To parade My love. To shower
you with gifts and love everlasting.
Ah! Finally I hear the gate unlocking. You desire Me too! I’m in love. So
in love.
I’m ecstatic with anticipation. You are unlocking the door of your heart
and with the Key I gave you! You have used MY KEY! The Blessed KEY.
The Kingdom KEY.
I AM God. And I am out of my mind. The gate is opening and I am
about to see you. To fully see you in the light where there is no
Slowly you open your heart to Me. A heart afraid of a perfect lover. A
heart afraid of what perfect love will see and do.
Perfect Love is stunned! Perfect Love has driven out all fear. Perfect
Love has knelt down. Knelt down and been touched. What has Perfect
Love been touched by you wonder?
PERFECT LOVE has been touched by LOVE which has been
Perfect Love has been touched by love. Love has been GIVEN love.
Love is Loved! And in the return of love is joy and bliss.
And in this Bliss together we cry, “Abba, Father.”

The Bliss of being one with God. Blessed just as we were in the
beginning before Time. We have come home to Love in our heart and
our Father has waited a very long time.
Our Father has waited a very long time for us to come together as one
with his Son. Together we cry, “Abba Father.” Together- Jesus and I,
Jesus and you.
We together as one have become The Bride of Christ.
Blessed, Forgiven, Purposed, and Commanded.
Now let us sit, relax, and sup together. Dine and fellowship. Talk and
Listen. Fill up not becoming fat but full. Full to release. Release to fill
another full of Christ.
The End- Amen!
Given to Anne Grove July 16, 2017

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